You Have to Give Credit to Trousersnake!

Article by James
Seems Justin Timberlake may be seen as a snake one week, then a hottie the next if you are to believe tabloid fodder. With long suffering apparent fiancé Jessica Biel reportedly clinging on in the desperate wake of such roller coasters (Mrs Timberlake being the prize), there is nothing sordid or wrong with this former Boy Band member’s career. I do ask how sometimes re these situations, but with a decent profile one gets given chances, and he has delivered. Not every time, but he has.

I first noticed him on screen in the severely underrated 2006’s Black Snake Moan, with a small but pivotal role. Someone obviously told him to go gently-gently, and he did into the film industry. But with roles in 2010’s The Social Network, then leading in 2010’s genuinely decent flicks Friends With Benefits and In Time, the future does look bright for ol’ Trousersnake.

Released mid-October this year, JT will play a leading role in a film titled Trouble with the Curve. The film stars the legendary Clint Eastwood as a baseball scout in his twilight years who takes his daughter – played by Amy Adams – along for one last recruiting trip. I assume JT is their find, and love interest for Adams. Directed by Eastwood’s oft Assistant Director on previous films he has directed, Eastwood rarely appears in a film he doesn’t control, let-a-lone a clunker. I’d say this a good sign re his involvement, and Adams is always great.

I take my hat off to you JT. Go forth and continue your trajectory.

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