Houston’s Final Act!


Article by James
It’s hard to believe Whitney Houston has been dead for over 6 months. And whether or not you are a fan of this 170+ million album selling artist, her legacy is undeniable not only in music, but also in film. Like it or loathe it, her 1992 big screen debut in The Body Guard grossed over 400 million in box office and added plenty of additional moocha-cha to her coffers with the soundtrack. Well, and Dolly Parton’s piggy bank; who wrote the song I Will Always Love You. While the lofty heights of this success never followed her in film, she did deliver a number of solid performances after.

So while the many years in the lead up to her tragic death were filled with melodrama of the media frenzy kind – and we all remember – it seems one last performance was made. On the 25th of October in Oz, Sparkle will hit screens. Directed by Salim Akil, who’s film and television work is relatively unknown in this country, Sparkle is a film set in the 60’s surrounding a group of 3 girls who form a group and become Motown sensations. Family illrest ensues. Now while this isn’t exactly a new story, oddly enough it is also a remake of a 70’s hit flick of the same name.

Starring sometime R’N’B pop-ette Jordan Sparks in the title role, Whit plays Sparkle’s Mum. Film shots look pretty slick. I say go check it out. And though not much of a fan, I pay tribute to legendary performer Whitney Houston, who’s voice was without question, extraordinary.

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