Super Looper!

Article by James
It’s great to see a veteran of the large and small screen coming to further prominence. Even more so when that actor is 31.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt may not be a name that is instantly recognized, as yet, but I guarantee his face is. Having been in TV from an early age, the guy has been in episodes of successful series ranging from Family Ties (he was 7!!!) and Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman, to Roseanne and That 70’s Show. But it is the last few years of being tucked under the wing of Director Christopher Nolan, which has opened up the big screen. And that’s not forgetting the number of exceptional indie flicks beforehand, that obviously made Nolan take notice.

From 2004’s heart-breaking Mysterious Skin to 2009’s endearing 500 Days of Summer, JGL has had leading roles in numerous indie flicks that were both memorable and infectious. But with significant roles in Nolan’s 2010 Inception and playing Robin in this year’s The Dark Knight Rises, JGL has now found himself as a leading man in Hollywood. Though not the usual build of such a spot, he is charismatic. And Director Rian Johnson clearly agrees with new flick Looper; released in Oz late this month.

Johnson has worked with JGL on several projects in the past and Looper looks to be Johnson’s biggest film to date. JGL plays lead character Joe, alongside a stellar cast including Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt and Jeff Daniels. With this line-up included, I say go see this cool looking action/sci-fi flick. “In the year 2047, a killer (Gordon-Levitt) works for a mafia company in Kansas City as a “Looper.” Loopers kill and dispose of agents sent by their employers from corporate headquarters in the year 2077. Loopers are foot soldiers, paid on the terms that all targets must never escape. When the killer recognizes his target as a future version of himself (Willis), his older self escapes after incapacitating him.” I image, chaos follows…

And watch out for Mr Joseph G-L. His next film is the highly anticipated Steven Spielberg directed Lincoln, a biopic re the US President Abraham Lincoln. Co-starring the legend that is Daniel Day Lewis, Lincoln hits screens in November.

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