How is Jessica Alba still being cast, I ask?

Article by James
Hollywood is filled with pretty girls, and Alba is undoubtedly one of them. Though hardly a girl anymore, we are talking about a 31-year-old married woman with two littles. My point though, is how is it this gorgeous woman has been able to be continuously cast in high profile and critically anticipated films when she is clearly a pretty face (and hot bod), but with an acting style the likeness of pine? There are plenty of pretty faces and hot bods people.

Doe-eyed Alba is savvy. I’ll give her that. With her last film release being number four in the oddly continuing Spy Kids franchise in 2011, we heard zip from her in 2012 re act-ing. But her face has been ever present with hubby and kids in tow across tabloid fodder, not-to-forget the endless covers of women’s magazines mesmerizing us all with “how she does it”, and cosmetic endorsements. Seems profile will keep you being cast these days, and Alba is seriously set to return in no less than four flicks set for release in 2013. I say don’t get too worked up though as think back across the years with 2007’s un-funny Good Luck Chuck, 2008’s shockingly awful The Love Guru, and 2010’s truly appalling The Killer Inside Me. She may be cast, but it doesn’t mean there will anything that will last. I say this, but she has collected her fair share of “worst acting” awards along the way.

Hard to believe Alba studied acting alongside the legendary husband and wife William H. Macy and Felicity Hoffman at their Atlantic Theatre Company and was also nominated for a Golden Globe Nomination in 2002 for her lead role in the James Cameron co-created TV sci-fi outing, Dark Angel. But, with all my jibes, I have to say I am definitely looking forward to one of her 2013 releases. The long awaited sequel to 2005’s Sin City will hit next year. Reprising her role as Nancy, Alba will star in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For with Mickey Rourke, Clive Owen and the tremendous Rosario Dawson.

Like the successful 2005’s Fantastic Four and its 2007 sequel, if Alba stays with ensemble, maybe it’s all ok.

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