Eat Carbs, not Carbers!


Article by James
Weight gain, and loss, is usually the focus of women when it comes to media attention in Hollywoodian (sic) madness. So it’s nice to see the focus has shifted of late to male counter-parts, as they are prepping themselves for films released in 2013. And then there is the Kat-less Tom.

Much is being made of Alexander Skarsgard and his rumoured 26kg weight-loss for apocalyptic flick Hidden. Gone are his True Blood curves it seems. But the amount of column inches devoted to Matthew McConaughey’s dramatic weight-loss for The Dallas Buyers Club is positively insane. And I say insane, because he is shedding muscle for the role. The definition between men and women in terms of skinny is atrocious. Considering most of the “oh-my-gawd’s” are coming from women’s tabloids declaring shock and horror at the lack of McConaughey, I say WAKE UP LADIES! Why are you not only generating, but perpetuating this horrendous, unhealthy obsession with skinny?!? You shock at men, and then applaud women! Seriously, look at your pages.

And then look at the Kat-less Tom? He looks sick! And it’s probably because of the (who-knows-the-detail) exit-stage-left of Katie Holmes. Why are we doing this, punters?

Answer is, because they get paid millions and a car crash is even more enticing if it has made a movie… Sad are we.

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