Mickey takes on Chewwy!

Article by James
In the most exciting news since Mr George Lucas announced that he would be creating a prequel trilogy to the ridiculously successful Star Wars trilogy in the 90’s, Star Wars geeks have lit up the twitter-verse with news of the first in a sequel trilogy to be released in 2015.

In a whopping deal estimated at $4.05 billion, Disney has purchased LucasFilm. After recent acquisitions of Pixar and Marvel, Disney has purchased LucasFilm with the intention to create an ongoing legacy to the much beloved franchise. With the first film release in 2015, there will be the eighth released 2 to 3 years after, followed by the ninth. Disney has also released a statement that there will be further films made in similar yearly instalments. While one could scoff at this, Lucas has refused to create anything further and who isn’t interested??? I mean, it’s rare to come across someone who doesn’t enjoy the franchise.

Mr Lucas has said: “It’s now time for me to pass Star Wars on to a new generation of film-makers.” He will still continue on as Creative Consultant with further films and has decided to dedicate his career to art-house cinema. I see yes, end of an era, but also it is truly exciting to see what comes next.

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