Twilight Snoresville!

Article by James
It seems in the end people were more interested in whether the last Twilight instalment was actually going to be good rather than whether K-Stew & R-Patz actually made a duel appearance on the launching red carpet. Snoresville indeed. Considering it is plainly obvious the “affair” was orchestrated. And, zzzzzzzzz, with the film including a ridiculous dream sequence climax, which is bound to disappoint. I know Loz, Boxing Helena was a surprise in this category…

But will a film franchise investor ever learn???

Reviews are well and truly out. Breaking Dawn Part 2 is not only disappointing, but also a sha-mozzle. Good luck cast. Watch Ashley Greene find “how she looks so good after an intense gym session” fall from the tabloids, and the desperate leading two-some cling to a career. Oh, and baby-muscle-wolf-Lautner… If your solo outing of 2001’s Abduction is anything to go by, best start promoting protein shakes for recognition. And a chance at future income.

Move on people.

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