Naomi the Great!


NAOMI WATTS and TOM HOLLAND star in THE IMPOSSIBLENaomi Watts is back with Ewan McGregor in what she says was her most challenging role to date, playing real life survivor Maria Belon in The Impossible.

The film tells the true story of a couple and their three children caught in the devastating tsunami that changed the world on Boxing Day (2004). The tsunami separates the family and the film focuses on the frantic search to find the remaining members.

This is what Naomi recently had to say about her experience “”Working with water is one of the more difficult things to do on film, and it certainly lived up to its reputation. The underwater stuff was incredibly difficult, and I did not like that at all. It’s always nerve-wracking holding your breath … But we were anchored into a chair (with) weights on us to keep us down. You had the oxygen tank right there up until (the cameras) rolled, and you’d push it away and then the chair starts spinning, and you have to do all your arm-acting and head-flipping. There was one point when I was about to get out of the chair, and I couldn’t get out. It was a technical problem, and it really freaked me out.”

Reviews for Naomi and the movie have been very positive, scoring perfect 5’s from film critics worldwide.

The film is set to hit Australia this week.

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