Names, Names, Names

Article by James
Well ahoy people, from ye olde, worlde London town! Am a bit late with the update but have been running into all and sundry while over here. Been here a week now and it’s bloody cold! So here’s what’s been happening…

First of all I felt a bit scrappy hitting London with a month old haircut, so booked in with a local in Central London for a snip, only to be told that I had just missed Gillian Anderson (X-Files). A few days later I almost knocked over the aging Geraldine Chaplin, clambering for air outside the crowds at Harrods, with her arms full of goodies. But it was last week that I got wind of a major star in the area, when it was reported in the daily press that Londeners were fuming after Trafalgar Square was shut off for over 3 hours during the day as Tom Cruise was in town filming scenes for a new flick – All You Need is Kill – scheduled for a 2013 release.

But turns out Mr Cruise was also in town for Monday (just passed) night’s world premiere of Jack Reacher. In Leicester Square, I do believe most were unsure at first when the surprising short in person, Cruise, came out on the red carpet. It did cross my mind for a second if I had accidentally stumbled upon the London premiere of The Hobbit and here was one plodding out. But, one must say, Tom sure can work a crowd. Followed by UK X-Factor judge, Nicole Scherzinger (ex-Pussy Cat Dolls) with TC’s co-star Rosamund Pike, it was when Tom Hardy and Bill Nighy rolled on out that I realized… Man, Oz is so far away. No wonder we go wild when 1 star makes the effort to hit our shores.

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