Possible Genius Alert!

Article by James
Ok, firstly I’d like to say this is NOT a review. This is an alert to a fantastic Writer/Director that must be nurtured by the general public. Especially those who adore film, and more so, those who search for boundary-pushers, visionaries and creators of the truly unique experiences in cinema. My BS aside, if you haven’t seen the 2012 debut film by Richard Bates Jr called Excision, on-ya-bike to the DVD store of your choice.

This is the only feature he has made. But for a debut feature, this is one of those flicks that remind me of Writer/Director Lucky McKee (2002’s May and 2011’s The Woman). A visionary in shocking cinema indeed. In a world of US multi-plex teen sex horror, there are many that do get recognized, and the mainstream avoid. Richard Bates Jr is one such bloke. Check this film out people, and then look to the future!

1. Basically, it’s a twisted coming of age tale that goes to all places of wrong. Wet dreams based on removed body parts and
surgery… by a girl… And that’s the beginning.
2. Co-starring surprising performances by remarkable ex-porn star Traci Lords, Malcolm McDowell, Marlee Matlin, Ray Wise (a
personal fav), and the legendary John Waters as a Reverend!
3. But what must be pointed out is the unbelievable performance of lead character Pauline. This is actually done by a virtually
unrecognisable AnneLynne McCord from yes, TV’s new version Beveley Hills 90210. This is one of those actresses I write off. And
looking at her history and future, she has bit parts and shite a-plenty. But this performance…
4. And to top of this motley crew of cast, we have the pivotal role of Pauline’s sister Grace. Played by TV’s Modern Family
regular, Ariel Winter. What the?

Support this guy. What will come next is bound to skyrocket…

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