My Myers, Where are You?

main_MikeMyers-interviewArticle by James
I think Mike Myers’ ego might be feeling a little… impotent, shall I say. With runaway hits such 1992’s Wayne’s World and a sequel the following year, it was the Austin Powers franchise which started in 1997 with two super-successful sequels, that made Myers a house-hold name and an open-cheque addition as lead to any future production. Being the voice of Shrek (and all its spawn – sequels, video games, shorts, etc) may have helped…

But many references to Myers hiding out in his “man-cave” since 2008’s truly atrocious mess, The Love Guru, have highlighted the fact that when a star falls, the media loves to shred said star to bits. Pre-LG, Myers was a no-brainer when it came to new projects from the studios, but post, Myers has been rarely seen on screen. Hiding in minor roles aside. So it is dubious this ever present rumour on both Wayne’s World 3 and Austin Powers 4. Austin Powers being the more likely to have legs with numerous avenues over the past two years claiming Myers has signed on despite zero other details. There is still nothing. I did find one website claiming a script for Wayne’s World 3 had been finished though, and there was the SNL skit.

All speculation aside, there is nothing confirmed, but I do hope he returns. Though respectful of his success, I was never a huge fan of WW, AP or Shrek for that matter, despite seeing much of it. It was 1993’s So I Married An Axe Murderer that always makes me remember Mike. If you haven’t seen it, go do.

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