Tim Burton’s Big Eyes!

Tim Burton is back in the director’s chair alongside Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams in Big Eyes.

Christoph and Amy play artists Walter and Margaret Keane, who became famous in the 1960’s with their wide-eyed depictions of women and children.

Walter Keane met Margaret Ulbrich in 1953 when she was doing charcoal sketches at a fair, and two years later they were married. Walter saw potential in Margaret’s paintings of children with sad faces and eyes enlarged for effect, and while art critics considered them hackwork, Walter’s promotional savvy made them widely popular during the late 1950s through the mid-’60s. However, Walter insisted on telling people that he had done the paintings, and Margaret, for the sake of the marriage, went along with the lie. After the couple divorced in 1965, Margaret began demanding that the truth be known about her work, eventually leading to a lawsuit. In court, Margaret painted one of her trademark waifs and demanded Walter do the same. He declined, and the court found in Margaret’s favor.

It will be interesting to see Burton direct a “normal” movie without any cartoon characters or big dark fantasy effects.

Backed by the Weinstein Company, this is set to be another massive hit for the genius that is Tim Burton.

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