Channing vs Alex!


Article by James
I can’t stand Channing Tatum. And its not because he’s the current go-to for “hottest dude on the planet”. For me he isn’t a Gosling or Ed Burns either. You know, the later 2 being actors men have little idea why women adore so much. Tatum is obviously good looking, and has a bod we guys all envy, but he is a smug douche in my opinion, and has zero charisma. The nice guy with pregnant wife thing ain’t fooling me. But, someone is buying tickets…

I actually sat through Magic Mike. You know, the first film in a decade (sic) that was a hit for Soderbergh. It was atrocious! I heard some female friends say they thought parts were pornographic – I say watch some actual porn and you may take that back. It was sad man. I give Tatum that he can actually dance. The others… uhhhh, not. But now the rumors are swirling that Soderbergh is trying to pen a second. What a joke. The first was a quarter of an average film at best! But I’m sure Tatum will be involved. I couldn’t be bothered looking at what he is doing next as I won’t go see it.

Despite this, Tatum’s co-star in MM, Alex Pettyfer, is of interest. While he was supposed to be the next big thing a few years back with 2011’s ridiculous I Am Number Four and the truly pitiful Beastly, I did think the kid had weight on screen. Someone obviously told him to back off – especially after a restraining order from the blonde Glee girl – and Magic Mike helped his profile.

Seems the next few years will show what this one does with his career, but I personally think he is taking a few decent steps with it. For one, later in 2013 he turns up in 2009’s Precious director, Lee Daniels next outing The Butler. Alongside John Cusack and Mr Forest Whitaker. And second he is hotly tipped to play the kinky lead of Christian Grey in Mummy-porn book adaptation, Fifty Shades of Grey. I figure any half alive sod could be cast in that role and it’s going to be a hit. So, no-brainer I guess as to why he’d do it.

Much has been said about these 2 hating each other on set as well while filming MM. Again, Pettyfer wins out for me. I think they’re both probably ego-maniacs. But, Pettyfer seems unfazed by showing the word he’s a dick. At least he’s honest about it.

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