World War Z!

Article by James
Much has been written about the up-coming Brad Pitt led zombie epic, World War Z, released globally in late June 2013. Based on the successful Max Brooks novel, Pitt’s production co. Plan B is behind the estimated 200 million + blockbuster. And while what I have seen looks really quite awesome, it was surprising and even more exciting to find out the flick has been directed by Marc Forster.

From 2001’s exquisite Monster’s Ball, to 2007’s truly moving The Kite Runner, if you haven’t seen this man’s films, research and do so. Most likely you’ve seen one. He directed 2008’s Bond flick Quantum of Solace. Seems it now makes a little more sense re the direction Bond has been going and the depth that has been taken with the much beloved character from Forster and of recent, the sublime Sam Mendes directed Skyfall of last year.

But Forster will bring a depth to World War Z, which on the surface seems simply a mammoth budget version of a zombie tale us horror fans have seen several times before. I’m looking forward to it more than I thought I would!

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