Bring it on, Nancy!


Article by James
It has been 4 whole years since Director/Screen-writer Nancy Myers has shown us how the upper (sometimes upper-upper) middle class live and love. From swanky pads to first-world problems, Myers has consistently delivered with an unapologetic view of Western relationship issues defined by the time with a polish that is “filmatically” modern.

From writing 1991’s charming remake of Father of the Bride, to being thrust into the Director’s seat as well from 1998’s The Parent Trap, Myers has repeatedly delivered in both vision and box office success. 2000’s What Women Want pushed her into the forefront with a genre defined not only by chick-flickness, but intelligent drama that also opened things up to us males – not forgetting to mention, didn’t take it all so seriously. Casting has been paramount in this as well. Bucking trends in scripts lines more so. I do think it rather unique, that when it comes to a Myers film, people are poised to find out, what the stars are living in, rather than what they are wearing. Meyers has created her own trend, and she has been able to “house” these obvious trademarks, in witting dialogue, and truly decent film-making.

For me, 2003’s something’s Gotta Give, 2006’s The Holiday and 2009’s Streep led, It’s Complicated, really define a Writer and Director, VERY aware of their talent and seriously attuned to it. Not only delivering each time, but attracting real movie-stars to boost a film’s profile with it. So, as mentioned, its been 4 years Missy.

Rumours are abound re her next project, but the one with the most legs seems to be a UK based drama with an American lead. While this all sounds very Richard Curtis (1994’s Four Weddings and a Funeral, 1999’s Notting Hill and 2003’s Love Actually), I bet this is something entirely Myers. The other rumour is that the talented Tina Fey is the lead, now free to roam with 30 Rock’s last season done and dusted. Keep you posted.

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