The Conjuring – The Return of Horror!

Our local aussie boys James Wan and Leigh Whannell are back with The Conjuring and let me tell you, they have nailed it with this one.

James and I went to see The Conjuring on opening day and both shrieked and squealed throughout the whole movie, a first people’s.

The story revolves around a haunted house in Harrisville, Rhode Island in the 1970s and the real life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren who were called in to investigate its demonic activities. Ed and Lorraine are best known for their work and investigations on the real life Amityville House.

James Wan turns up the scare factor on this one, unlike his previous efforts on Saw and Insidious, this one is a slow creeper that will keep you spooked to the very end, just the way we like it!

I won’t give away too much as it is out this week, but if you’re a true fan of horror, please do yourself a favour and watch this one, it’s a true scary movie that will make you think twice about playing hide and seek ever again!

The Conjuring, out now at selected cinemas!

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