From Liberace to Rocket Man!

Article By James
Well it seems we can’t get enough of the flamboyant past. Elton John’s much-rumored biopic is definitely in the pipeline with John and partner David Furnish producing. Though “in the pipeline” does now mean it is actually happening, despite there being pre-production rumors since 2010. While the lead hasn’t officially been cast, Sir Elt has said his number one pick is Justin Timberlake, while recent rumors are circulating that a personal fav, Mr Tom Hardy, may be in the lead for this gig.

With Lee Hall (Billy Elliot, War Horse) in tow for the screenplay and Michael Gracey being a first-time Director, already signed on, seems the provisionally titled “Rocket Man” is actually a goer. The story apparently starts before fame and ends when John leaves rehab for the first time in 1990, so I think Hardy is much better suited to play the lead. Personally, if JT leads the cast, I think this will be a vanity project for Elton, and will diminish the impact of the view of his rise to fame that is sure to be juicy. With drugs, marriages, and tantrums-aplenty, this is destined to be riveting viewing if done honestly.

Go on Elt, cast Tom Hardy in the lead, and you’ll get a dose of reality, and an actor that can truly bring the past alive. Besides, I’ve seen old footage, and JT is too lithe to represent you correctly. Be real. And bring it on.

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