David Brent, the Movie!

david brent

Ricky Gervais creator of “the office” recently indicated a current plan for a David Brent in a movie.

Right now YouTube has a series “Learn guitar with David Brent” which is hilarious. As in the show, Brent has always been keen on becoming a professional musician, and Gervais hopes that these videos “will be the basis of Brent trying to make it in the music industry”.

Gervais is also hoping for a record deal release for David Brent and is currently rehearsing with a band for some charity events. It all sounds hilarious and building up to what might be another hit for Gervais.
Along with the recently filmed “The Office Revisited” was the music video for “Equality Street” and as you would guess, cringe worthy as per usual.

Stay tuned for more updates on David Brent, the movie!

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