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monica-bellucci-celebrity-wallpaper (2)
Article by James
It is extremely upsetting to hear that the scorching Monica Bellucci has confirmed her 14-year relationship with French Actor/Director, Vincent Cassel (Black Swan), is over.

I weep with and for her. But, apparently speculation has been rife for quite some time as both have been living increasingly separate lives, and in different countries no less. Also, the public statement is that it was a mutual decision. The marriage did produce two daughters as well, so we all must be kind and respectful as divorce is always most traumatic on the kids. Well, that’s what they say, yeah.

I say six months is ample time for the entire family to move through issues before they move on. They are actors though, so things do tend to escalate. Six weeks? Done; I will wait six weeks until I give her a buzz and see if she wants to go grab a margarita. See-ya b’atches, I’m heading to Rome!

You fool Vincent Cassel! You FOOL!

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