The Outback Can Be Crazy This Time of Year!


This is the tag line to what I believe, is the WORST idea to ever have been made into film. Released Feb 20th, we have a new instalment of legendary Aussie horror flick, Wolf Creek.

Wolf Creek 2. Yes, Mick Taylor is back causing more havoc, and apparently with more laughs… I do find it odd (not funny), that I keep reading that. Wolf Creek 2 has a lot more laughs. I assume uncomfortable and presumably sick, but really? I’m not sure why I feel so compelled to complain about this sequel being made when we live in a world where Saw had 17 sequels (sic), and Jaws had 15. Don’t get me started on Paranormal Activity.

So before I rip it to shreds not having seen it, seems Writer and Director of both WCs, Greg Mclean, has waited 8 years for this sequel to be released, amid funding issues a few years back. Reviews so far have mostly been positive and Aussie TV stalwart John Jarrett is back in the lead as Mick. Nothing about this says it will be good, let-a-lone great.

But, (breathe), for someone who was extremely impressed with the original made on a relatively small budget, I will try and reserve judgment on what number 2 has in store. With a budget close to 6 times the original, let’s hope the drive to make something exceptional from little, hasn’t been lost on what looks like blowing a lot more sh#t up…

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