Is This Where the Saw Boys Cut Ties?


Article by James
I can barely control my excitement in the lead up to the cinema release of Annabelle. Out October 2nd in Oz, Annabelle is a prequel to last year’s truly awesome The Conjuring, and tells the story of that freaky doll that Ed and Lorraine Warren try to keep locked in a box. If I’ve lost you already, go see The Conjuring.

Anyway, via the online trailer and TV ad, front and centre is “produced by James Wan”, not only the Director of The Conjuring, but co-originator of the Saw franchise with mate, Leigh Whannell. So when I went digging, it seems these dudes who have worked on so many projects together since hitting the U.S. big-time with Saw, may be the draw, but are doing an increasing amount separately.

Wan may be a Producer on Annabelle, but he is one of four. Seems a bit token. And Whannell has nothing to do with it. But that’s it. Directed by John R. Leonetti, who is best know for working closely with Wan on his last 4 projects including 2010’s Insidious and The Conjuring as Director of Photography, this is the closest we get to our Aussie lads, even though Annabelle looks very much like a Wan-Directed film. We’ll see of course, but I did notice the script was by Gary Dauberman who wrote a shite script for 2008’s Swamp Devil, and not a lot else.

But, forget the possible negative, watch the trailer and get excited with me. I have watched it six times already today. Seriously.

Before I go, just back to Mr Wan and Mr Whannell, and their paths separating. Seems Wan is still in production with the seventh Fast & Furious which will be released in 2015 and takes him in a very new direction of big-budget popcorn-fest. And Whannel has popped up as not only starring in a third installment of Insidious set for release in 2015 also which he has again written, but is Directing for the first time. Let’s hope they are simply diversifying.

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