Citizenfour – Espionage at its best!


Every now and then a documentary comes along that is so good that it practically sells itself and then wins the Oscar for best Documentary.

This documentary has it all, power, paranoia and balls. Citizenfour is about former NSA intelligence analyst Edward Snowden who leaks secret documents exposing the US National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance program. Needless to say Snowden goes on to become one of the greatest whistle-blowers in American history.

Director Laura Poitras documentary shows extensive interviews with Snowden conducted from his hotel room in Hong Kong during 2013 prior to the international public leak of the confidential information. Poitras shows the extraordinary secrecy that went on and around the process of interviewing Snowden. During one scene, when Snowden is talking to Journalist Glen Greewald, the hotels fire alarm goes off and there is a tense moment when you think the gig is up. There is also another scene where Snowden unplugs the telephone in the hotel room and puts a blanket over his head in case someone encrypts his passwords. You think this is extreme, wait till you watch the movie; you’ll be doing the same.

Snowden has been granted temporary asylum in Russia, for one year, he is now in an undisclosed location kept secret for security reasons.

This documentary is utterly engrossing. If you own a phone, a TV, a credit card, or even a bus pass, you should definitely watch Citizenfour.

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