Going Clear – The Scientology Movie!

going clear

Imagine if you were reading a great Sci-Fi novel where the main character obsesses about alien abduction, wealth, status, power, and eye for an eye, paranoia, the government, treating others badly and intimidation tactics. Now imagine this character starts a religion called Scientology, now imagine this actually happened…..welcome to Going Clear!

Alex Gibney’s “Going Clear” has everyone talking, and I mean everyone. In his latest creation, Alex answers the questions we all want to know such as, where has this religion come from, why is it so popular and why has it attached itself to celebrities?

Going clear has many fascinating details, shocking stories and revelations of Scientology and the Orwellian nightmare most members are forced to live in. Gibney examines all aspects of Scientology from an organisational view including its background, its history, its creators, its people and most importantly its leader Mr L Ron Hubbard.

L Ron Hubbard is portrayed as a deeply troubled man of the highest intelligence who was smart enough to start a vision called Scientology and morph it into a worldwide phenomenon.

The movie starts off with background information about the religion which shines the light on how the church cultivates its true believers, and just gets scarier as it plods along, especially when members leave and are asked to disassociate themselves from their loved ones.

If you are fascinated with the world of Scientology like most of us are, this documentary will answer all your questions and probably raise a few more. With so much information crammed into it, 2 hours will not be enough; if you’re still shocked by what you just witnessed you might have to go back for a second viewing, like I did!

Going Clear is out now.

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