Poltergeist 2015….Meh!


Oh Hollywood, you’ve done it again! Why can’t you just let a good movie be? Why must you remake anything that’s remotely great or successful?

Of course I’m talking about the new remake of Poltergeist. Remember that paranormal movie from 1982 where the house is filled with ghosts that only communicate with the young daughter through the TV? Yeah they remade that.

The new remake of the classic 80’s horror flick is really not needed, granted it’s scary enough and entertaining enough but like all remakes of great classics, doesn’t live up to the original (what a shocker).

Ok, remakes aren’t always a bad idea, i.e. The Departed, True Grit, The Magnificent Seven etc but they are far and few in between. This remake shows no lack of interpretation or vision, and is unimaginative and basically unnecessary.

I will say that Sam Rockwell in any lead character is always a bonus, and the acting overall is pretty good, even though the kids are mostly on their mobile phones throughout the whole movie, but even Mr Rockwell’s talent can’t muster up enough energy to pull this one over the finish line.

Poltergeist 2015 is out now, judge for yourself and get back to me!

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