The Forest…Enter at Own Risk!

the forest

Before I start my review, I must confess my love for all things Japanese and horror, so when I read about a movie being shot in the actual haunted Aokigahar Forest located at the base of Mt Fuji in Japan….um…. I was more than excited!

The plot goes a little something like this, Sara Price an American woman played by Natalie Dormer receives a phone call from Japanese officials advising her of her twins sisters disappearance, somewhere in the creepy Aokigahara forest.

Shortly after arriving in Japan, Sara meets Aiden, a reporter drinking at her hotel bar who after a few drinks offers to help her look for her sister in the forest. Once in the forest, Sara stumbles across a yellow tent that she instantly recognises as her sisters and the creepiness basically takes off from there.

Just a little backstory, I went to Japan with my sister not too long ago, and the Aokigahara forest was of deep interest to me, but my sister refused to go anywhere near the forest or allow me to go anywhere near the forest, as there are warnings that once you enter the forest, you are basically on your own, so this movie is kind of the next best thing.

The forest itself is dense and dark and is a very popular site for suicides, with an almost reported 30 a year. The forest has a dark history and is plastered with “enter at own risk” signs everywhere…creepy eh!

This is director Jason Zada’s feature debut and it’s not a bad one at that. If you like your movies creepy with a foreign twist, this one is for you.

The Forest, out March 2016.


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