T.V. and the lovely Jane Levy!

Jane-Levy-Wallpaper.jpgArticle by James.

Hello! Has been awhile. I’ve been binge-watching TV!

And with that in mind, it’s interesting to see how many actors in search of an Oscar are mixing with the Emmy crowd. I mean even Nicole “Woody” Kidman is about to grace our idiot boxes with her nose-hair prickling, pine presence in a TV show. With Reese Witherspoon too no less! Naturally this is not new now, with numerous Hollywood elite flirting quite openly with this new golden age of television. Netflix has continued the charge that HBO started some 20 years ago. But not all movie stars are transitioning. Perhaps yet. Somehow I don’t think Brangelina will be creating a crime drama soon, or releasing a 6-part mini-series on home life with the brood for E!.

Regardless, its nice to see the lovely Jane Levy of TV’s Suburgatory fame moving in the traditional fashion to big screen with the notable 2013 remake of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead. And while there have been a few indies, Don’t Breathe, which is currently playing in Oz cinemas, is surely one to elevate her further. If you haven’t seen Don’t Breathe and like your thrillers nauseously wound, this is an unexpected hoot that is relentless. Loz and I were super impressed. Over and over this flick twists and twists until you don’t even realize your knees are under your chin and you remember someone must have forgotten there were supposed to be turns… But it just keeps twisting. Complete with a few absolute jaw-drops.

So naturally I went looking to see what the lovely Miss Levy is doing next as she does seriously hold Don’t Breathe together. At first it was disappointing, as there is some sad old movie called Monster Trucks released next year with Rob Lowe. Yes. Rob Lowe. The movie star who TV let back in when no one wanted him. Yes, way before this “new golden age of television”. And then I thought about that excellent horror comedy movie from 2003 called Monster Man, about a group of teenagers terrorized by a freak in a monster truck and I thought … maybe… But no. This is a family film with alot of CGI apparently, about a boy who builds a monster truck with someone like Rob Lowe (does he play a teacher?) and there is probably a few bullies in there and let me guess… he has a crush on Jane Levy. Zzzzzz.

And then the TV gods in this new golden age of television said “no”. Don’t lose hope my son. Look to the greats. And there in the sad old premature demise of Rob Lowe’s new family flick (oh the irony), came David Lynch and his new “season 3” of Twin Peaks. To hit our glowing idiot boxes in the second half of 2017. And the lovely Jane Levy plays a part. In Twin Peaks. As my excitement grew, I read Monica Bellucci… (heart palpitations) Yes, Monica Bellucci is also in Twin Peaks!


Seems TV is wooing me. And royalty.



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