Captain Fantastic…Is Totally Fantastic


Every now and then a film will come along that’s so delightful, it restores your faith in mankind. That film ladies and gentlemen is Captain Fantastic.

Captain Fantastic is based around a hippy family lead by Ben, the manliest of fathers to ever hit the screen played by the manliest of actors Viggo Mortensen. Devoted dad Ben, wife Leslie (Trin Miller) and their family of six, live in the forest of the Pacific Northwest away from the soul destroying rotting American wasteland of consumerism. Life is tough in the forest, its pure survival all the way. The kids are home schooled and learn about Chomsky and Dostoyevsky, are supreme athletic and are all bi lingual to name a few achievements. The children have never watched TV, played videogames, but can skin and kill their own dinners every night. But living the bohemian lifestyle has taken its toll on Leslie who falls ill and is “taken away” leaving Ben to look after the children on his own.

Despite living like nomads for years, the outside world slowly begins to seep in as Leslie falls ill from severe bipolar disorder causing him to seek help from the outside world and from Leslie’s very wealthy parents who blame Ben for her disorder and his lifestyle choices.

Mortensen gives a very strong performance, not only as a strong disciplinary but as a charismatic unconventional father who is just trying to do his best to not raise brats.

Aside from the brilliant acting by the whole cast, the cinematography from the great outdoors is worth the movie ticket alone and the scenes of the family exercising and rock-climbing are beyond breathtaking.

I would encourage everyone to support this brilliant independent movie. It makes you think about how materialistic the world has become and the way you live your life.

Captain Fantastic, out now!


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