What Have You Done?


Article by James.

It’s impossible for me not to be excited by a new Christopher Nolan film. And yes I am talking about when he writes and directs. Not just producing – I’m looking at you Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice… tut-tut CN and the oft shaky Zack Snyder. But even though he can be universally applauded, he can also completely polarize at the same time. 2014’s Interstellar anyone? Still, the man has had an unbelievably good run thus far.

I know this information was released months ago, but I just watched the trailer… So to cast a boy-bander in a lead role in his new film Dunkirk, released mid-2017; madness or genius? The long-haired lothario Harry Styles from One Direction no less, in his feature acting debut. Well, if you notice the never-ending Kardashian farce we call tabloid media, Hazza seems to have gone the extra mile for the role, even cutting his locks off for the gig. Shocking! Honestly, even I, a long admirer of Mr Nolan, thought maybe you’ve made interesting choices that ok… worked (casting Anne Hathaway – TWICE!), but can you really make this work? Or have you just gone wayyyyyyyyyy too far?

Little has been released other than the minute teaser trailer – and yes watch it – it looks totally Nolan. Brilliant! But even with a cast including Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy and Kenneth Branagh, can Nolan deliver another gem with what seems like a majorly questionable choice?

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